Profile of Yoshito Denawa as CPA

Specialty Marketing and Finance
Business Planning and Equity Policy Making
Stock and Business Valuation
Option Pricing (Black–Scholes model and Binominal model)
M&A Strategy
IPO Strategy
Venture Capital Fund Strategy
Project Fund Strategy
Equity Finance and Bond Finance
Office Location The Imperial Hotel Tower 15F 1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 100-0011
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CEO and President
Certified Public Accountant
Denawa & Company, Inc.


1961 Born in Shizuoka prefecture
1983 Graduated from Keio University (a bachelor of Economy)
Employed by Tetsuzo Ota Audit Firm (present: Ernst & Young Japan) assigned to Auditing Division.
1986 Assigned to IPO Supporting Division
1987 CPA(in Japan) registered
1993 Founded D.Barin Co., Ltd. Consulting firm for Small and Mid-sized enterprises(SMEs).
1995 Established "Venture Support Study Association" Associated individual CPA's in all Japan.
1997 Founded D.Brain Securities Co., Ltd. (present: Crowd Securities Japan, Inc.), the first independent securities firm after 30 years in Japan focusing on IPO for Small and Mid-sized enterprises to use the network of CPA'S. The firm have helped some 150 companies to go public on the stock market "Green Sheet" as the No.1 firm on the market.
1998 Opened "Venture Capitalist School" There have been 630 graduates until 2002.
2003 D.Brain Securities started the business as an underwriter on the stock exchanges in Japan. The firm has been the lead underwriter for 14 companies and has helped IPO until 2008. The firm got NO.1 share of underwriting at Fukuoka Stock Exchange and Sapporo Stock Exchange.
2008 Registered as Tax Advisor
2010 Founded Denawa & Company, Inc. Opened SAMURAISHIP.COM , the portal site of Japanese companies.
2011 Lecturer of Kaetsu University
2013 Started Global Management Club and associated CEOs of SMEs in Japan.
Became the Chairman of Crowd Securities Japan, Inc.
Initiated a funding portal as a lending type crowd funding.
2014 Resigned the Chairman of Crowd Securities Japan and assumed the position of Executive Management Adviser for the firm.
Associated Individual CPAs as the Financial Advisory and Research Association(FARA) to help SME's Financing.
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